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Exceptional contact lenses 
or glasses for your eye needs

Quality Contact Lenses
in Campbelltown

Professional Optometry Meets Caring Service

At Campbelltown Eye Care, we provide a full consultation service using advanced technology like infrared scanning to exactly measure the optics and shape of your eyes and digital retinal scans for eye disease diagnosis and monitoring. We recommend regular yearly check-ups as you age.

Our Standard of Excellence

Being thorough and accurate is our standard procedure. We will spend the time with you both in the consulting room and in the dispensing area to make sure we find the best solution to your visual needs.

Experienced eye care since 1982

Services We Offer

  • Diagnose eye problems and diseases and refer when required
  • Prescribe glasses and/or contact lenses when needed
  • Treat irregular astigmatism with specially designed contact lenses
  • Diagnose cataracts and/or glaucoma
  • Test colour and depth perception

Look Your Best

We have an excellent range of the latest styles with trained professionals to assist you with your choices. Whether you already wear glasses or are looking for your first pair, we’re here with comprehensive advice to get you seeing and looking your best

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